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smart phone, the buzz about it is pretty good. jonathan bloom explains, compared to samsung's galaxy or iphone 5, blackberry may face an uphill bottle. >> beneath his coat. director is hiding something that is not so stylish. >> i have a blackberry. it's a little bit embarrassing. >> in the final months of his contract, they are trading up to the newest zones from apple to samsung. >> smart phone that started it all, accounts for just 2% of the market. blackberry ceo is determined to change that. >> we're used to competition. we have to get better. what we did, we have a new platform. >> it's now in the u.s. z-10 looks like a touch screen competitors and getting good reviews. >> i actually like it. i think the aspects of the phone it feels really comfortable and nice job with the camera. >> jessica was enthusiastic about the new touch key kee board and slick camera and new blackberry apps. >> this latest has all the trappings of modern smart phone but is it enough to save the company? >> i think right now they are trying to prove they are not dead. >> are they? >> they are not dead y
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1